General repairs: The workshop is well equipped with up to date machinery and hand tools. I am able to carry out repairs and modifications to many different types of firearms. A base charge of $60.00 applies to all repairs and then an hourly rate of $70.00 thereafter. This work includes but is not limited to triggers, muzzle brakes, fluting, stock and bedding repairs, scope mount fitting, scope ring lapping and machining, manufacture of parts and springs, magazine repairs and function issues. I will however conduct an initial free inspection and provide and advice to the customer free of charge.     

Re-Bluing: I offer hot caustic bluing. Finish will depend on what the customer desires as preparation is the key. Bluing costs start at $150.00 depending on quality of finish required, overall condition, and the type firearm. 

Re-barreling: I can supply both chrome moly and stainless steel barrels in a variety of profiles and finishes. This could be a direct copy of your existing barrel, a custom profile or re-lining your existing barrel. All barrels are engraved with caliber, serial number and any other information on a pantograph engraver. Your action is thoroughly inspected and cleaned prior to fitting the barrel If you action requires truing or any other work it is completed at this stage after discussion with the customer. All threads are cut using full form cutting tips and are individually fitted to each action. A basic barrel fit starts at $850.00 eg. A chrome moly barrel fitted to a Winchester, Remington Sako etc.  

Bedding: Full glass bedding services are available. As a rule all rifles that are bedded are set aside for 7 days once the rifle is removed from the stock to allow the compound time to set up properly. The stock is then cleaned up, excess bedding compound removed, and the rifle is assembled ready for testing. Bedding costs start at $150.00.

Stockwork: I offer stock repair, alterations and re-finishing. If you require a complete stock we source semi finished 90% inletted blanks from individual suppliers. These are then fitted to the customer’s rifle and finished to requirements. POA applies to all stocks and stock work.

Custom Rifles: I am able to build a rifle to your requirements please feel free to contact me to discuss your next pet project. 

These services are a general outline only, please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements.